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Even though the podcast is free to listen to and download, it costs money to keep the episodes on servers and to keep this website up. Oh, and art books. Art books are expensive, and I can't do the proper research I'll just start making things up, and nobody wants that.

The good news is, the best way you can help us is by spreading the word about The Sculptor's Funeral. The amount of money we receive from sponsors is directly related to how many download of each episode occur on a weekly basis. So if you are so inclined, SUBSCRIBE to The Sculptor's Funeral and receive automatic downloads of every new episode. SPREAD THE WORD about us, too - join our Facebook group, 'Like' and 'share' us on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media you and your friends use.

Here's a fun way to support the Sculptor's Funeral - buy some stuff. We have t-shirts, coffee mugs, notebooks, and more, plastered with several logos for the show, all designed by listeners of the Sculptor's Funeral.

Click here for all the goodies.

Click here for all the goodies.

Another great way you can support The Sculptor's Funeral is by clicking this link!

Blick Art Materials is a proud sponsor of the podcast, and a percentage of every purchase you make at Blick after clicking through from the podcast site goes directly to support the show! It costs you nothing, you get great art materials and supplies for a good price, and you get a heartfelt thank you from The Sculptor's Funeral.

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