Plaster casts available for the Wiltshire Workshop

Choose one of any of the casts below to carve into marble at the Wiltshire Workshop. Let us know by name or by number which one you want to carve on the application form.

 If you have a cast of your own or would like to suggest a cast you would like to carve, let me know in an email. Thanks!

A - Female Torso

B - Lion Mask

C - Putto

D - St. Teresa (Bernini)

E - Habbakuk (Donatello)

F - St. Andrew (Duquesnoy)

G - L'Inconnue de la Seine

H - Dying Slave (Michelangelo)

I - Voltaire (Houdon)

J - Costanza (Bernini) -Mask only, not full head